Second Battle of Mengedda
Part of the Apocalypse

Date 2155
Location Mengedda
First force Army of Anaxophus V
Second force Horde of the No-God
Result Victory for Army of Anaxophus V
Army of Anaxophus V
Leader Anaxophus V
Participants Seswatha
Horde of the No-God
Leader No-God
Participants Ghoset

Concept painting showing advance riders of the Great Ordeal, behind sorcerers scourging the edges of the Sranc Horde retreating before them, on their march to Golgotterath.


At the urging of Seswatha, founder of the School of Mandate, Anaxophus V, High King of Kyraneas, wields the Heron Spear against the No-God at Mengedda, thus ending the First Apocalypse.

The Second Battle of Mengedda is the desperate battle where Anaxophus V and his southern tributaries and allies made their victorious stand against the Horde of the No-God at Mengedda in 2155. They beat off every attempt that the No-God made to break their shield wall and, dismayed, the Sranc hordes fled.

The battle concluded when Anaxophus V destroyed the No-God with the Heron Spear, ending the Apocalypse. As a result, it is thought by many to be the most important battle in history.[1]


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