Seidru Nautzera is a senior member of the Mandate Quorum.[1]


Nautzera is tall in stature and extremely aged. He has a beard; dyed dark, cut square, and intricately braided in the fasion of the eastern Ketyai.[2]


The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Nautzera leads the Quorum meeting that sends Achamian to Sumna to recruit Inrau and spy on the Thousand Temples in the wake of the Holy War. He tells Achamian to discover whether the Holy War will be waged against the Schools or against the Fanim.

After the meeting, he meets with Polchias Simas and reveals that they had already known that the Fanim will be the targets of the Holy War and expresses some regret for lying to Achamian. Simas assures him that lying was necessary to motivate Achamian, as they both find him to be weak. During the meeting, Nautzera is annoyed by Simas's friendly persona, believing it to be false.

The Warrior ProphetEdit

The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit


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