Seswatha’s Dreams are the nightmares experienced by Mandate Schoolmen of the Apocalypse as witnessed through Seswatha’s eyes.[1]

The Dreams are transferred to each new member of the Mandate through the Grasping, a sorcerous ritual involving Seswatha’s mummified heart.[2]

The Dreams are not always identical; small details may vary from time to time, and a Schoolman’s own thoughts can interfere with the Dreams’ content.

The Dreams deal only with the significant experiences of Seswatha during the Apocalypse, omitting mundane details; this has led to a saying among Mandate Schoolmen, “Seswatha does not shit.”[3] The only known exception to this is the Dreams of Drusas Achamian, which expand over time to include not only mundane events in the life of Seswatha but also events from the life of Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti, possible Seswatha’s son.


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