Shaeönanra (“Gift of Light” in Ûmeritic) is the current Grandvizier of the Mangaecca and one of the founders of the Consult.

Shaeönanra was the son of a treasurer and grew up in Ûmerau at the time of the Cond Yoke. Demonstrating an aptitude for sorcery at a young age, he was taken in the Schools and soon became a rising star within the Mangaecca. He was also a cunning political mind, and kept a network of spies in the Cond Empire. As the Grandvizier of the Mangaecca, he led the School to unprecedented heights. According to legend, Shaeönanra went mad while studying the Incû-Holoinas, and his subsequent acts saw him convicted of impiety and his School outlawed in 1123.


The Glorious Pupil, Titirga, Grandmaster of the Sohonc, shines the famed Day Lantern on Shaeönanra, Grandmaster of the Mangaecca and dread leader of the Unholy Consult.

The greatest prodigy of his age, Shaeönanra claimed to have rediscovered a means of saving the souls of those damned by sorcery. He reputedly spent his life investigating various soul-trapping sorceries in the hope of avoiding passage to the Outside—and to great effect, given that he allegedly continues to live some three thousand years afterward, though in an obscene and unnatural manner.

By the fourteenth century the Trysean annals began referring to him as Shauriatas (“Cheater of Gods” in Ûmeritic), instead.[1][2]

The Unholy Consult Edit

When Anasûrimbor Kellhus entered Golgotterath, he was shown not what he expected, but two Larvae, one of which was Shauriatas, or Shaeönanra. A group of Dûnyain Thought-Dancers appeared, winking both grovelling Larvae out of existence. They explained they had taken the Consult over from within, and that all but Shauriatas had given in to their demands, and therefore he was the only one to be severely punished.[3]


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