Shigek is a governorate of Kian and a former province of the Nansur Empire. Located on the fertile delta and alluvial plains of the River Sempis, Shigek was the ancient competitor of Kyraneas and the first civilized nation of the Three Seas.

Shigek reached the height of her power during the so-called Old Dynasty period, when a succession of Shigeki God-Kings extended their dominion to the limits of the Kyranae Plains in the north and to ancient Eumarna to the south. Great cities (of which only Iothiah survives) and monumental works, including the famed Ziggurats, were raised along the River Sempis. At some point in the twelfth century various Ketyai tribes began asserting their independence on the Kyranae Plains, and the God-Kings found themselves waging incessant war. Then, in 1951, the God-King Mithoser II was decisively defeated by the Kyraneans at Narakit, and Shigek began its long tenure as a tributary to greater powers. It was most recently conquered in 3933 by the Fanim hosts of Fan'oukarji III. Much to the dismay of the Thousand Temples, the Kianene method of simply taxing non-believers -- as opposed to out-and-out persecuting them -- led to the wholesale conversion of the populace to Fanimry within a few short generations.[1]

Shigek was known to the ancient Kyraneans as Chemerat, “Red Land”.[2]



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