Sirwitta is a criminal mentioned in the Isûphiryas.

Sirwitta seduced the wife of a high-ranking Ishroi and conceived by her a daughter named Cimoira. It was the first recorded instance of interbreeding between Men and Nonmen. The truth of Cimoira was suppressed, and despite her mannish blood she was accepted as Cûnuroi. Sirwitta himself was banished to the Second Watch, which stood guard over the Incû-Holoinas.

Somehow (the Isûphiryas does not go into detail) Sirwitta managed to enter the Incû-Holoinas. A month passed, and all thought him lost. Then he reappeared, deranged, screeching claims so alarming that Oirinas and Oirûnas brought him directly to Cû’jara-Cinmoi. What was said between Sirwitta and the High King of Siöl is not recorded. The chroniclers say only that Cû’jara-Cinmoi, after hearing Sirwitta speak, ordered him put to death. A later entry, however, describes Sirwitta as "tongueless and imprisoned". It appears the High King, for some unknown reason, had rescinded his warrant.[1]


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