Skalateas is a member of the Mysunsai School, murdered in the Ansercan countryside by the Scarlet Spires.[1]


The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Skalateas is present at the interrogation of Skeaös, to verify that he doesn’t bear the Mark, and sees him revealed as a skin-spy. Like all those present save Drusas Achamian, he mistakenly assumes that skin-spies are a creation of the Cishaurim rather than the Consult.

The Warrior-ProphetEdit

Skalateas is sent to the Scarlet Spires to sell the information about the skin-spies’ existence to Hanamanu Eleäzaras. However, Eleäzaras intimidates him into revealing the information without payment and insists that he stay as a prisoner of the Scarlet Spires for further questioning. Skalateas refuses and attacks the Grandmaster; after a short battle, Eleäzaras slays him.


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