Skr by quintvc-d83bfgd

Skauras ab Nalajan by Quinthane.

Skauras ab Nalajan is the Sapatishah-Governor of Shigek and the first principal antagonist of the First Holy War, slain at Anwurat.

A veteran of many wars, he was deeply respected by both his allies and his enemies. The Nansur called him Sutis Sutadra, the “Southern Jackal,” because of his Black Jackal standard.[1]


Skauras’s hair is white, but still thick. He has a distinguished face with a long mustache and thin braided beard.[2]


Skauras is fearless. He is a severe disciplinarian, possesses a gift for organization, and commands the respect of even those who otherwise outrank him. He also has a mischievous streak, often drugging his guest’s wine with narcotics and chanv. He likes to trick, to deceive, to show, and to prove.[3]


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