Skeaös is the Prime Counsel to Ikurei Xerius III, having served in that capacity for thirty years.[1]

At some point, Skeaös was killed and replaced by a skin-spy.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Skeaös is extremely old, with a shriveled and prune-like appearance, sunken cheeks and white hair. He has a cringing, obsequious manner around his superiors in contrast to his bold administrative tactics.


The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Skeaös counsels Xerius's plans to seize control of the Holy War, and several others suspect that much of Xerius's daring plan was authored by Skeaös. During Xerius's meeting with Skauras, old rivals Skeaös and Cememketri get into an argument, which Xerius sees as a colossal embarrassment.

While walking up to the Andiamine Heights, Conphas notes that Skeaös has the endurance of a monkey for all his age. During their conversation, Skeaös claims that Xerius wanted to exclude Conphas from a meeting with the Scarlet Spires, which Conphas identifies as a lie. After some pressing, Skeaös admits that he sees the extermination of the Vulgar Holy War as a sin and fears for his soul. Conphas suspects that the lie was meant to put Conphas at odds with Xerius and rein the emperor in.

When Anasûrimbor Kellhus comes for an audience with Xerius, he notices that Skeaös's face is false. Xerius, who is intensely paranoid, notices Kellhus's scrutiny of Skeaös and has him detained as a possible spy. Skeaös demonstrates superhuman ability in killing several of the men who attempt to apprehend him.

Xerius has Cememketri of the Imperial Saik and Skalateas of the Mysunsai to check Skeaös for the Mark of sorcery. Although Skeaös demonstrates superhuman immunity to pain under torture, the two grandmasters insist that they see no mark. Distrusting the Imperial Saik and doubting the Mysunsai's skill, Xerius asks Drusas Achamian for his opinion.

Upon seeing the Mandate Schoolman, Skeaös taunts him about the Consult, referring to him as "Chigra." With superhuman strength, he breaks free, kills several people in the attendance and reveals himself to be a skin-spy. The Imperial Saik sorcerer blasts him, over Achamian's protests, but the skin-spy is still alive. He attempts to crush the skull of Achamian with his face limbs, but Conphas chops his head off.


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