Sohorat is a Ciphrang, a divine agency (demon) of the Outside, controlled by the Scarlet Spires.[1]


Sohorat’s material form is that of a demon with a cluster of furnace-like eyes, a slavering maw, black wings, and clawed hands.


Sohorat is capable of expelling flies from his mouth and wolves from his palms, though these might just be Analogies of spells in the Anagogic mould.


The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit

Sohorat, along with Zioz and Setmahaga, is commanded by Heramari Iyokus to attack the Cishaurim during the battle for Shimeh. Sohorat’s material body is destroyed by their magic, and Setmahaga’s is struck down by a Chorae; only Zioz escapes the encounter intact.


  1. The Thousandfold Thought, Chapter 15

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