The Sagas is a collection of epic lays that recount the Apocalypse.

It primarily consists of "The Kelmariad", the story of Anasûrimbor Celmomas II and his tragic Ordeal; "The Kayûtiad", the account of Celmomas's son, Anasûrimbor Nau-Cayûti, and his heroic exploits; "The Book of Generals", the story of the deceptive events following Nau-Cayûti's murder; "The Trisiad", which recounts the great city of Trysë's destruction; "The Eämnoriad", the story of ancient Atrithau's expulsion of Seswatha and subsequent survival; "The Annals of Akksersa", which recounts the Fall of Akksersia; and lastly, "The Annal Sakarpa", or "The Refugee's Song" as it is sometimes called, the strange account of the city of Sakarpus during the Apocalypse.

Despite the scorn of Mandate scholars (or perhaps because of it), The Sagas possess an almost scriptural reputation in the Three Seas.[1]

A number of different authors contributed to the Sagas, but only two are named: Heyorthau and Nau-Ganor.[2]


On the Mengedda Plains: "The soul that encounters Him passes no further."[3]

A warring we have come
A reaving we shall work.
And when the day is done,
In our eyes the Gods shall lurk![4]

Rage -- Goddess! Sing of your flight
From our fathers and our sons.
Away, Goddess! Secret your divinity!
From the conceit that makes kings of fools,
From the scrutiny that makes corpses of souls.
Mouths open, arms thrown wide, we beseech thee:
Sing us the end of your song.[2]

On the birth of Anasûrimbor Celmomas II: "His rosy wail could not stir his brother's blue slumber."[2]

Grim kinsman, frosting the breath of his every counsel.
Dark reflection! Even the Knight-Chieftans bundle their cloaks
When they catch your glint in their Lord's eye.[2]

The pyres gutted, the towers fallen and black,
The foeman glutted, our glory slung 'cross his back,
The world's keel broken, our blood thinner than our tears.
The story spoken, as though the dead possessed ears.[2]


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