Titirga was the Archideme of the School of Sohonc. One of the most powerful sorcerers ever to have lived in Eärwa, even surpassing most of the Nonmen. He was killed by Shaeönanra and Aurang in 1119 (Year-of-the-Tusk).[1]

Character and appearanceEdit

Titirga was tall and broad shouldered, with a shallow nose and thick brows and cheeks. His hair was white, although it is implied that it was originally golden. He had a bronzed skull of an infant child braided into his beard as a totem. Titirga carried with him a sorcerous artifact known as the False Sun, which was given to him by the Nonman Emilidis.[1]

They said he had been blind as a child, that Noshainrau himself had found him begging in the streets. They said he went mad while Canting. They said his words seized things that should not be seized.
—Shaeönanra about Titirga[1]

From 'The False Sun': He wore a Pircondi cloak over his black woolen robes, two wolfskins sewn together, so that the tailings of the face fluttered side-by-side below his groin. His hair was white spun with the odd memory of gold. But it was his high blunt face that commanded attention: shallow of nose, thick of brow and cheek.

And of course the bronzed skull of an infant child braided into his beard–his famed totem.


The False SunEdit


The Glorious Pupil, Titirga, Grandmaster of the Sohonc, shines the famed Day Lantern on Shaeönanra, Grandmaster of the Mangaecca and dread leader of the Unholy Consult.

Titirga visits the tower of Nogaral, the stronghold of the School of Mangaecca, carrying his False Sun. He plans to deliver an ultimatum to the Archideme of the Mangaecca, Shaeönanra, who awaits him at the tower. Titirga says that the reason for his visit is that he'd heard rumors that the Mangaecca had found something, referring to the Ark of the Inchoroi. Shaeönanra reminds him that the Ark is sealed and hidden by a glamour, implying that it cannot be entered. In truth, Shaeönanra, had already broken the glamour about the Ark and entered it.

Shaeönanra leads Titirga down the reception hall and into an expansive hub inside Nogaral called Asinna. Titirga senses someone beneath him, someone deeply stained with the Mark of sorcery. Shaeönanra offers to make the person withdraw but Titirga insists that he remains close so that he can keep his eye on him. Then Shaeönanra summons their 'guest', Aurang, an Inchoroi. Titirga calls the thing obscene.

Aurang asks Titirga whether he fears damnation, Titirga replies that the Nonmen taught him to hide his voice in order to bypass the Outside and find oblivion, in other words, he worships the spaces between the Gods. Aurang tells him that he is damned according to the Inverse Fire. Titiga says that the Inverse Fire is nothing but a 'goad'. He says that the Mangaecca have been enslaved by the Tekne.

Shaeönanra, finally fed up with arguing, asks Titirga to reveal the real reason he's there, Tiriga says that he has come to kill the Inchoroi. But the floor beneath him suddenly drops and Titirga falls into a vast pit called the Viritic Well.[1]


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