Unification Wars

Major battles of the Unification Wars (4113-22).

The Unification Wars were the wars waged by Anasûrimbor Kellhus to unite the Three Seas under the rule of his New Empire following the defeat of the Fanim Kianene in the First Holy War.[1]

The wars unfolded as follows:

  • 4112-4126Unification Wars. The Kellian Empire accumulates from the detritus of the nations that preceded it.
    • 4113-The Year of the Child Grandees; Nenciphon falls, Kianene Empire dissolved.
    • 4114-The Novum Arcanum is circulated throughout the Three Seas; Rash Soptet (4088— ) is hailed as “Lord of the Sempis” after quelling Fanim uprisings. Schismatics denounce Maithanet; the War-between-Temples begins. Kellhus issues the Rehabilitation of Sorcery, rescinding all Shrial and Tusk condemnations of sorcery. Kellhus also issues the Manumission of the Feminine, awarding equal social, legal and moral status to the the women of the Three Seas. Combined, the two also allow the legitimising of female sorcerers. The Swayal Compact is founded shortly after this time, with Kellhus ordering them to be trained in the Gnosis by the Mandate.
    • 4115-Prince Shoddû Akirapita (4099—4123) routes the first Zaudunyani invasion of Nilnamesh at the Battle of Pinropis.
    • 4116-The death of King Eryeat, combined with the secret conversion of his eldest surviving son, Coithus Narnol, delivers Galeoth to the Empire nearly intact. King Hringa Vûkyelt expels Schismatics from Thunyerus.
    • 4117-The first songs extolling the exploits of Sasal Charapatha against the Nilnameshi Orthodox begin circulating throughout the Three Seas; First Carythusali uprising; Earl Couras Nantilla is Whelmed, raises Cengemic provincesin revolt against Meigeiri; the Tydonni Orthodox begin massacring Ketyai villages and towns along the Eleterine Coast.
    • 4118-Meigeiri falls; Anasûrimbor Kellhus orders the Orthodox of Numaineiri blinded; Eselos Mursidides (4081—4132) conquers Cironj for the Zaudunyani losing, miraculously, only one hundred and eighteen souls.
    • 4119-The Koraphean Uprising; Hoga Hogrim (4093— ) is declared Zaudunyani Believer-King of Ce Tydonn; King Hringa Vûkyelt of Thunyerus declares himself a Believer-King as well; the Mandate takes up residence in Kiz.
    • 4120-Anasûrimbor Kellhus declares Imperial Bounty on Sranc scalps; Sack of Sarneveh; Circulation of the Toll pamphlet, and subsequent Toll uprisings.
    • 4121-Nurbanu Soter (4069— ) declared King-Regent of High Ainon; Invishi falls after the famed Throwing-of-the-Hulls.
    • 4122- Nilnameshi Orthodox crushed at the Battle of Ushgarwal. Anasûrimbor Kellhus declares the Unification Wars concluded. The Shriah of the Thousand Temples, Maithanet, proclaims him Holy Aspect-Emperor of the Three Seas.
  • 4123-Prince Shoddû Akirapita (4099—4123) is found drowned in a well in Girgash. Only Fanayal ab Kascamandri remains of the Empire’s notorious enemies.
  • 4124- Reconstruction of Auvangshei begins.
  • 4125- First of the Angnaya are sent to the Palace of Plumes in Zeum.[2]


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