Viramsata, "many-breaths", is a game played in southern Nilnamesh.

Viramsata is a game of truth. The players tell lies about who said what to whom, about who makes love to whomever, and so on. They do this continually, and what is more, they are at pains to act out the lies told by others, especially when they are elegant, so they might make them true. And so it goes from tongue to lip to tongue, until no distinction remains between what is a lie and what is true.

In the end, at a great ceremony, it is the most compelling tale that is declare Pirvirsut, a word that means 'this breath is ground' in ancient Vaparsi. The weak, the inelegant, have died, while others grow strong, yielding only to the Pirvirsut, the Breath-that-is-Ground.

The viramsata become living things, and humans are their battleground.[1]


  1. The Thousandfold Thought, Chapter 16

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