Viri was one of the Nine High Mansions of Eärwa. It was located in the Urokka Mountains north of the Sea of Neleöst.[1]

According to the Isûphiryas, the Incû-Holoinas, plunged to earth to the west of the Sea of Neleöst in land ruled by Nin’janjin, the Nonman King of Viri. The fall of the Ark-of-the-Skies caused a natural disaster and sent up ash-clouds that darkened the skies, resulting in a famine.

Nin’janjin begged Cû’jara-Cinmoi, the King of Siöl for help. Rather than send aid to Nin’janjin, Cû’jara-Cinmoi assembled an army and invaded the lands of Viri. Nin’janjin and his Ishroi capitulated without battle; Viri became a bloodless tributary of Siöl.

Many years later embassy of Inchoroi reached Nin’janjin at Viri. They reminded Nin’janjin of Cû’jara-Cinmoi’s treachery in his time of need, and offered an alliance to break the yoke of Siöl over Viri. Despite the warnings of his Ishroi, Nin’janjin accepted the Inchoroi terms. Viri revolted. The Siölan Ishroi within its halls were slain; the rest were enslaved.

Sil, the Inchoroi King, and Nin’janjin assembled their hosts to meet Cû’jara-Cinmoi on the Fields of Pir Pahal, which Men would call Eleneöt in a later age. According to the Isûphiryas, the Nonmen of Viri were dismayed by the sight of their allies, who wore fierce and festering bodies as garments of war.

Gin’gûrima, the greatest hero among them, pointed to Nin’janjin and declared, “Hate has blinded him.” This treason within a treason was repeated by others, until it became a thundering chorus. Nin’janjin fled, seeking protection from Sil. The Inchoroi then turned upon their allies, hoping to destroy the host of Viri before Cû’jara-Cinmoi and the great host of Siöl could close with them.

Overmatched by the Inchoroi and their weapons of light, the Nonmen of Viri were driven back with horrendous losses. Only Cû’jara-Cinmoi and his Ishroi Chariots saved them from utter destruction.[2]

In later epochs, the great fortress of Dagliash was built atop the ruins of Viri.[3]


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