Xunnurit is the Scylvendi chieftain of the Akkunihor tribe, infamous for leading the Scylvendi to defeat at the Battle of Kiyuth.[1]


Xunnurit is missing two fingers on his left hand.[2]


The Darkness That Comes BeforeEdit

Xunnurit is elected King-of-Tribes for the Battle of Kiyuth. He engages in a verbal battle with Cnaiür urs Skiötha over the host's tactics. Cnaiur urges that the host practice caution and bide its time to attack at a moment and place of their choosing. Xunnurit counters that they should strike quickly and decisively so that they can return home to bring their herds to summer pasture before the droughts begin.

Xunnurit's skillful rhetoric and sly mockery of Cnaiur's past wins the support of the other chieftains, and he leads the Scylvendi in an immediate and all-out attack. The battle results in a disastrous defeat for the Scylvendi.

After the battle, he is taken prisoner by Ikurei Conphas and brought back to Momemn in chains. There, he is tortured, mutilated and displayed as a symbol of Nansur triumph.


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