Yatwer is the Goddess of the Earth and Fertility, and one of the so-called Compensatory Gods, who reward devotion in life with paradise in the afterlife.[1] Her symbol is a harvest sickle that also forms the outline of a pregnant belly.[2] Yatwer is a point of view character in The White-Luck Warrior. Her point of view is the only God point of view in the series.[3]

Depiction in the Holy TextsEdit

In the Higarata, Yatwer is depicted as a beneficent, all-forgiving matron, capable of seeding and furrowing the fields of nations with a single hand. Some commentators have noted that Yatwer is anything but revered in either the Higarata or The Chronicle of the Tusk (wherein “tillers of soil” are often referred to with contempt). Perhaps this is why Yatwerians tend to rely on their own scripture, the Sinyatwa, for their liturgical rites and ceremonies.[1]

Cult of YatwerEdit

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Yatwer is far and away the most popular of the Cultic Deities, she is especially favoured by the lower castes — some six out of ten caste-menials regularly attend a Yatwerian rite. Based in Iothiah, her Cult enjoys a vast number of adherents, but despite that, it remains one of the more impoverished and seems to generate a large number of zealous devotees as a result.[1]


The Judging EyeEdit

Yatwer manifests as a shadow to the Mother-Supreme of the Cult of Yatwer, Psatma Nannaferi, and informs her that the White-Luck Warrior has arrived, and that the “Demon,” the Aspect-Emperor, will be driven to his doom.[2]

The White-Luck WarriorEdit

Yatwer appears to Varalt Sorweel and hands him a pouch with a Chorae in it.[3]


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