Akka v Zioz

The Mandate sorcerer Drusas Achamian sings the Gnosis against the Ciphrang lord Zioz.

Zioz is a Ciphrang, a divine agency (demon) of the Outside, controlled by the Scarlet Spires.

Zioz is strong-willed and therefore very dangerous to summon.[1] Hanamanu Eleäzaras regards the demon as too risky to use.


Zioz is an incorporeal being in the normal state, but takes a material form with “a face like summer sunlight and limbs barked in fire.”[2]


The Thousandfold ThoughtEdit

In preparation for the attack on Shimeh, Heramari Iyokus summons Zioz and sends it to attack the Cishaurim. This forces the Cishaurim to redistribute their Chorae to guard against further incursions by Ciphrang, reducing the number that will be available for use against the Scarlet Spires during the main assault.


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